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The Laboratory of 3D Functional Network and Dendritic Imaging is a multidisciplinary research team having laboratories at the IEM HAS Institute of Experimental Medicine of Hungarian Academy of Sciences  - classified as a Center of Excellence by the European Commission and Pazmany Peter Catholic University (PPCU). We believe research should be supported with continuous technological advances, that is why we closely cooperate with innovative companies.












The European Research Council (ERC) funds top researchers who engage in pioneering research, at the frontier of knowledge in their field.Congratulations to Balazs Rozsa Institute of Experimental Medicine of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Hungary) who received international scientific prize and award in 2015.
Project: Restoration of visual perception by artificial stimulation performed by 3D EAO microscopy (VISONby3DSTIM) Read all appearance in the hungarian media.




Acousto-optical Scanning-Based High-Speed 3D Two-Photon Imaging In Vivo, Balazs Rozsa, Gergely Szalay, Gergely Katona. In: Alon Korngreen (ed.) Advanced Patch-Clamp Analysis for Neuroscientists, Neuromethods, pp213-245





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